Grace Episcopal Church
Saturday, September 23, 2017

YMO Mission Trip to Bluff Utah 2014

 The Youth Missions Organization is preparing for our annual mission trip. This year, we will be traveling to Bluff, Utah on June 7th, to once again work with the Navajo Nation. Our mission will be to build a home, a traditional hogan, for Catherine Plummer, an ordained Episcopal priest who today lives in a condemned trailer.

 ​Navajo Nation faces extreme poverty and many residents do not have running water. Although YMO will encounter extreme poverty, we are not seeking to eradicate it, but rather we seek to examine the poverty in our own lives. We go to serve, but hope to gain a deeper understanding about ourselves and a stronger relationship with God. Our mission is to grow the church – we are the church.​

 In order to participate in this mission trip, each student was asked to raise $1000, This money offsets the expenses of the trip and will be used to purchase building materials and supplies. The more money that is raised, the more we can put into making this a loving, spiritual home for one who has dedicated her life to the Navajo, Catherine Plummer.  We thank all of you that support this effort.

 ​​​Please also support our mission in prayer. We are asking for continual prayer support through the mission trip, but we also ask for your prayers as we prepare. Thank you for supporting the Youth Missions Organization

The YMO has a website detailing more information about this mission trip.
To access it, please click MISSION TRIP! 

A blog has been set up to allow anyone to follow the excitement of the mission trip.  It will include descriptions and pictures of the daily activities of our youth. You can find it at and will also be able to subscribe to daily feeds to be sent to your own email if you wish.