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Saturday, September 23, 2017
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YMO Mission Trip to New Mexico 2013

Last summer, the Youth Missions Organization  travelled to Crownpoint NM to work with the Navajo Nation.  Our mission was to serve this struggling community which lies two hours outside Albuquerque in the desert mountains of the Navajo Nation Reservation.
Crownpoint faces extreme poverty and many residents do not have running water.  During our week in Crownpoint, we had the opportunity to make much-needed repairs to existing homes – such as roofing, siding, drywall, stucco, flooring, ramps, and other projects.  We were also able to spend time with the residents and learn about the rich Navajo culture, history, and traditions.
Although YMO encountered extreme poverty, we did not seek to eradicate it, but rather to examine the poverty in our own lives.  We go to serve, but hope to gain a deeper understanding about ourselves and a stronger relationship with God.  Our mission is to grow the church – we are the church.
In order to participate in this mission trip, each student needed to raise $800.  This money covered transportation, lodging, and food expenses, as well as funds for building materials and supplies.   Thanks to all who helped in raising these funds.
The Youth Missions Organization held their annual Rock-a-Thon on Saturday, April 27th!  The Rock-a-Thon is a 24-hour fundraiser in which the YMO missions participants sit in rocking chairs for 24 hours.  This fun time together doesn’t go to waste!  We are challenged with team-building exercises and leadership lessons, in preparation for our trip to New Mexico.
Thank you for supporting the Youth Missions Organization!