Grace Episcopal Church
Saturday, September 23, 2017


Confirmation classes were held each Wednesday and Sunday evenings for those confirmed.

Confirmation is derived from the Latin word confirmare - to strengthen. In this sense, Confirmation involves the reaffirmation of faith through the strengthening and renewal of one's baptismal vows accomplished through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop. Historically, Baptism and Confirmation once were a unified rite, with the bishop performing both activities. With the spread of the faith in Europe during the early Middle Ages, the rites became separated. In recent centuries, it has been seen as an opportunity for those Baptised as infants to make an adult profession of faith, and to reaffirm the vows made on their behalf by witnesses.

Our students enjoyed some fun (a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings, a laser tag contest) as well as serious study.  The class was taught by Diane Shalda and Fr. Chris. Additional instruction was given by other leaders of church programs to help students understand the breadth and scope of the ministry of Grace Church.


Students enjoyed a dinner and lively discussion with Bishop Lee on May 16.


Those confirmed on May 20th were:

Courtney Cash, Elizabeth Cash, Daniel Clarke, Laila Drury, Jenna Dzwierzynski, Emily Eddins, 
Torrey Foster III, Elizabeth Gaber, Megan House, Matthew Kaczynski, Alex Kane, Olivia Land, Thomas Lyne,
Nicholas Naimo, Jade Oremosu, David Ortiz, Alden Pritchard, John Robinson, Elizabeth Schaller, 
Paige Trzupek, and Reed Willman.
Finally, everyone enjoyed a sumptuous reception after the Sunday service.
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