Grace Episcopal Church
Saturday, September 23, 2017

St. Mary's Altar Guild

St. Mary’s Altar Guild is called to prepare all things necessary for worship; the celebration of the Eucharist, or any of the other sacraments and offices at Grace Episcopal Church.  
This quiet, behind-the-scenes ministry is a privilege of serving God in His sanctuary.  It is the preparation conducted so services may be carried out in decency, order, and beauty for worship conducted by our clergy.  This ministry calls men and women of all ages and is ever respectful of traditions, while accommodating current practices.  The sincerest devotion and desire to make their work an acceptable offering to the Lord is what continues to sustain this body year after year in this parish and in parishes throughout the world.  It is a thoughtful body of individuals, performing their work while engaging in fellowship.
 The Sacristy is meant to be a still place of preparation where parishioners gather to share their assignments before and after every service; often beginning in prayer, sometimes adding a bit of laughter, constantly inquiring, learning and sharing, and always leaving with reverent satisfaction.  
We gladly welcome all who feel called to serve in St. Mary’s Altar Guild.

Please contact Regina Melbourne or Laurel Haarlow for more information.